Marauder Minotaur.  A thoughtful beast.  Needs a name.image


Portrait of a Slaaneshi Family


Warband of Pavane, Champion of Slaanesh.  Note empty base.  The final beastman is travelling inexorably toward his destiny from beyond the forests of the World’s Edge Mountains (France, actually), and will take his place by Pavave’s side in due course (expected delivery: next Friday).

The Path to Damnation, or, how I choose which toy soldiers to paint

The creation of a WFB 3e (that’s the last time I’ll use an acronym, promise) Chaos Warband is a doddle, and involves much poring over myriad tables, or rolling on them if you’re particularly perverse and/ or have money to burn.


The power behind the throne.


There’s a flow chart.  A flow chart!


The Retinue Table.  Prey you don’t roll a 49.

Anyway, we’ve decided to choose the initial personnel, rather than roll something unsuitable (or something that’s too expensive on eBay!) so we can get the figures we like the look of.  My opponent Jay thinks this was Brian Ansell’s idea all along, and I agree with him.

I’ve got my eye on: The Champion, Pavane (you’ve met him), 3 Dark Elves, 5 Beastmen, a Familiar for Pavane, and a Minotaur.

Speaking of Beastmen, I just finished Gor’d: